Our Causes 2

Each of our socks is supporting a different cause, this is represented by the emblem on the ankle shown below. All focused on supporting people in the most need in developing countries, showing what you Stand4.


Our socks are aligned with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. These are  "the world's time-bound and quantified targets for addressing extreme poverty in its many dimensions-income poverty, hunger, disease, lack of adequate shelter, and exclusion-while promoting gender equality, education, and environmental sustainability"

We look forward to expanding into the new United Nations Global Goals in 2016. 

All of are socks are uniquely designed by ourselves, to stand them apart from the rest. The bright colours help you to stand out, and show the rest of the world what causes matter to you, raising awareness of issues such as Child mortality and Hunger (below).


  1.  We don't just increase awareness of social causes in the world, but also raise funds, giving away nearly 20% of REVENUE, not profit to our charities. 
  2. By adapting the ‘buy one give one' model, when you buy a pair of our socks, instead of giving a pair of socks, we give a measurable, tangible aid in the form of education, food, medicine, trees healthcare and safe land. 
  3. Each pair of socks represents a different charity donating different tangible aids, helping to tackle some of the largest social issues in the world today, all supporting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals!