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Copy of Over 150,000 Socks Donated | Stand4 Socks

150,000 socks donated Thank you for your support Since our beginning, Stand4 Socks has been focused on making a difference to those who need it, no matter how small that... Read More

Why Socks are the best Secret Santa present | Stand4 Socks

It's that time again... You might be new to the office, a seasoned pro, or a bit nervous every time you get involved! Secret Santa comes around again and for... Read More


FREE SHIPPING ON ALL DOMESTIC ORDERS $75+ The best laptops for working from home in the UK Posted by Jen Mills, 14th April 2020 What is the most important device... Read More

Copy of Honouring Emmeline Pankhurst for IWD | Stand4 Socks

Honouring Emmeline Pankhurst for IWD

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Free shipping on orders over $50! APR 5, 2020 How to deal with your baby having dry skin Newborn baby are famous for their soft, perfectly smooth skin. But, just... Read More

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donated socks 'Socks are the most requested item by homeless shelters' Socks are rarely donated as we wear through them and wouldn't donate old smelly socks with holes - unlike... Read More

5 Reasons Why Custom Branded Socks Are Great for Staff Engagement

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Why you should buy a Sock Subscription

Sock Subscriptions - Why? Socks are an everyday essential that we tend to take for granted. Whether you’re dressed up in a suit or jeans and a t-shirt, socks serve... Read More

How can I use Socks to express myself?

Socks are more than just an essential, they're an everyday item you can use to express yourself. Here Stand4 Socks talks about all the great ways you can use socks...